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    From Dale Barnes@1:106/201 to Phillip Kimble on Thursday, October 24, 2019 23:15:29
    Does anyone know if we can still register Allfix 5.13 or is
    it better to find a different ticker?

    You cannot register 5.13 but there is a free version at www.allfix.com. The 5.13 code I never received when I obtained allfix from the original author but later turned it over to Bob when I left fidonet way way back. I tried to get the 5.13 key generator workng but gave up since since I was missing key parts to make it work. Bob had a developer working with him and he has taking the project fully over.

    The new released version of allfix is suppose to be like 5.x since he removed all the non filefix stuff to try and return the product back to what it was really good at from what I hear.

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