• PKEY_DROP Echo Rules

    From Moderator@1:3634/12 to All on Monday, July 06, 2020 10:19:17

    Conference rules for the PKEY_DROP echo: rev. 2 JUL 01
    Posting Frequency: 1st and 15th of the month.

    1. The purpose of this echo is to provide a place to post and find
    public-keys for data privacy and electronic signatures within

    This is a companion conference to PUBLIC_KEYS Echo. It is
    distributed via the same channels as PUBLIC_KEYS. It is not
    intended for general message traffic but questions relating to
    public-key problems and bogus key notices are permitted. Simply
    identify and drop your personal public-key into this Echo and
    conduct any general discussion in PUBLIC_KEYS Echo. Keyrings are
    NOT permitted to be posted here. Please do not post keyserver
    reports here. Multiple personal keys are permitted.

    2. Stay on-topic. Public-key posts are the main purpose and notice of
    key problems or bogus keys is the secondary purpose.

    3. ONLY personal public-keys are to be posted here. Keyrings MAY NOT
    be entered into the Echo. If anyone wants a keyring, they can go
    file-request one from an appropriate source.

    4. No Private flagged messages in Echomail! Encrypted traffic as
    public-keys is permitted because that is what this Echo is for.
    User-specific encrypted traffic is not permitted since it defeats
    the purpose of Echomail.

    5. Clear-signing a key post adds an additional layer of processing and
    is not necessary. Please consider your audience when deciding to
    clear-sign a key post.

    6. Be aware that Echomail is NOT secure. Don't take anything at face

    7. The posts in this Echo are the sole responsiblity of the poster. If
    you need verification, use Netmail.

    8. The Moderators will deal with off-topic traffic. Don't respond for
    them. Links to this Echo will only be curtailed when absolutely
    necessary so please don't make it necessary. [grin]

    The Moderator is Mark Lewis at 1:3634/12. [KeyID: 0xB60C20C5]
    A Moderator Emeritus is Jim Cannell at 1:15/21. [KeyID: 0xB7822B3D]

    Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12, wkitty42@alltel.net

    Conference Moderators

    Version: 2.6.2
    Comment: Privacy is a right to fight for.

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