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    PKEY_DROP Echo Guidelines: rev. 2 JUL 01
    Posting Frequency: 1st and 15th of the month.



    If you have generated a public-key of 1024 bits with 2.3a or later
    versions of PGP, you probably don't need to revoke the old one and make
    a new one. This is particularly true if your key was made with any of
    the 2.6 generations. If you're worried about getting 2.6.2 or later on
    your key, don't make a new one, just re-export your public-key with the
    newer version of PGP using the standard key export command:

    PGP -kxa youruserid youruserfilename

    and then copy the new copy of your public-key to your file directory so
    people can file-request or download it.


    MAKE SURE you distribute the PUBLIC-KEY ONLY! Every so often a neophyte
    will put his/her secret-key into circulation. That's BAD!


    When making your first public-key pair or a new public-key pair, go for
    the 1024 bit size. Don't make your key any more vulnerable than you
    need to regardless of how long it takes to compile it. If you go for
    the 2K size key, keep in mind that 2047 bits is NORMAL for the stock


    MAKE SURE you put all your possible userids on your public-key after
    you generate it and before you circulate it for use and/or signatures.
    It is especially important to be sure that your standard User Name is
    on there EXACTLY as it appears in the From: line on your Netmail and
    Echomail. This makes it much simpler for folks to encrypt to your name
    as detected in a reply.

    It also makes life simpler if your Netmail name, your public-key name
    and your FidoNet Nodelisting name are all the SAME name!


    It is recommended that individual, public-keys be made available via
    Netmail or by file-request with the magic filename: PGPKEY and that the
    public-key provided for that request by given a distinctive filename
    using part or all of each provider's name and address. For example, on
    my system, a file-request of PGPKEY will give MFLKEY.ASC to the
    requesting system. A magic filename of KEYRING will yield my working
    Public Keyring as MFLPUB.PGP. INETRING will give you PUBKEYS.PGP which
    is a ring i downloaded from one of the large public keyservers some
    years back. This will avoid duplicate overwriting and make it easier
    to track the keys. Using standard magic filenames will make it easier
    to find keys and keyrings on different systems.

    [NOTE: PGPKEY is usually the magicname for the SYSOP's public-key on a
    given system. Users may ask their Sysops to make the User keys
    available by specific filename the User can advertise.]


    DO NOT SIGN someone's public-key UNLESS you have obtained it directly
    from them or their system under password or by direct file-request.
    Signing the keys of others without knowing those keys came from who
    they claim to be from dilutes the web of trust. You do not have to sign
    a key to add it to your keyring.


    IF you are going to upgrade your key size from smaller to larger, be
    sure to sign your new key with your old, established key FIRST and
    BEFORE you revoke your old one. It will give you a head-start on
    trusting the new one. If you don't know how to force PGP to sign [or do
    any other key feature] by KeyID number instead of UserID, just remember
    to preface the KeyID with 0x and PGP will know which key you mean to
    use for any specific operation.


    If you lose your secret-key password [or forget it] or your secret-key
    in a drive crash [because you failed to back it up on floppy], you
    cannot issue a revocation certificate. In that case, you should make a
    general announcement in all related Echos that your old key should be
    disabled using the PGP disable command [PGP -kd userid] for your
    userid. That keeps your useless key on their keyrings [so they won't be
    replaced from other lists who didn't get the word] and permits them to
    add a new key from you without one interfering with the other. BACKUP!
    BACKUP! BACKUP! [clear?] [grin]

    This Echo is available on the Zone 1 Backbone. This Echo has been
    Elisted since ELIST211. Please feel free to announce this Echo to all
    interested participants in your area.


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