• Re: TempleOS's Terry A. Davis died

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    On 06 Sep 2018, lecatmure kek said the following...

    For those of you who don't know, Terry A. Davis was a mentally ill man
    who developed an entire x86-64 operating system from scratch called TempleOS. He made everything, from the bootloader to the drivers the compilers and the UI. He built this OS to please god. He would actually say that he just listened to god's instructions and he built a Temple OS corresponding to his wish. He became homeless a year ago or so because
    his parents kicked him out of house (he was 46 I think). After some problems in the police and after living in a van 24/7 for a year he finally decided to take his own life by jumping in front of a train this week. The incident occured near Dalles Oregon.

    Please pray for this poor dude

    his website: http://www.templeos.org/

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Very sad, he is gone but he is not forgotten... still.
    I will add his work to the BBS and it will be available to all.

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