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    Seattle police clear CHOP protest zone

    The Seattle Police Department, with help from Bellevue police and the FBI, swept into the CHOP early Wednesday with heavily equipped officers and
    tactical vehicles to clear out the Capitol Hill protest zone and arrest people who remained there.

    Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order at 9:28 p.m. Tuesday, declaring rCLgathering in this area an unlawful assembly requiring immediate action from city agencies, including the Police Department.rCY

    The area had remained relatively peaceful until the weekend of June 20, when the first of four shootings near CHOP in the span of about nine days killed 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson and injured another man. After another shooting Monday morning killed a 16-year-old boy and injured a 14-year-old boy, Seattle police Chief Carmen Best said rCLenough is enough.rCY

    rCLTwo African American men are dead, at a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter,rCY she said Monday. [...]

    More on the peaceful protests here:

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