• Trump & Sanders 2020

    From Kevin Koch@1:3634/24 to All on Sunday, July 05, 2020 15:29:52
    I remember in 2012 a book titled Trump & Sanders the Anti_Establishment Join Forces To Win?

    By David & Erica Wolf Copyright 2012 - All rights Reserved PMS Publishing Company.

    (Last time I can remember voting:
    Ross H. Perot in 1992.
    Right now I hear that GIANT SUCKING SOUND.

    Bernie has orders to carry that sword, and when the media gives him a problem to threaten them with it.

    I really see that Trump REALLY wants to be playing Golf and having some fun.
    If he decided he felt like quitting, I want to be left with the the person
    who has EXCALIUBUR..

    In fact to compete against crazy ideas, Beat this:
    I propose erecting
    statue oF Bernie wielding EXCALIBUR and call him Saint Benard

    Reality Ross H. Perot was right
    The U.S. been bankrupt for a LONG time .]
    That is where Trump has A LOT of *EXPERIENCE* in so.

    . .

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