• Biden makes fun of report

    From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to ALL on Thursday, October 27, 2022 18:32:00
    ... while refusing to answer their questions. I find this interesting
    since I *think* that belittling the press was something he said he, unlike Trump, would not do.

    Biden makes fun of reporters with faces, imitations in latest incident insulting the press



    President Biden appeared to mock reporters as they shouted questions at him during a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog at the White House on Wednesday.

    Biden could be seen imitating reporters, raising his eyebrows and moving his mouth to silently mimic talking. The president was also seen laughing and slapping his knee before reporters were escorted out of the room.

    Bloomberg White House correspondent Nancy Cook vented on Twitter moments earlier
    that the White House has been "particularly intent" on keeping the press away from Biden with November's midterms just days away.

    "The Biden WH seems *particularly intent* on the press not asking any [questions] of POTUS 14 days out from the midterms, w/WH aides screaming in the faces of reporters who try to ask Biden q's following each event today,"
    she wrote.

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