• Next Prez Election

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    Hello Everybody,

    Who will win the next US Presidential Election?
    Had everybody done their homework, all would be known,
    as the future has been foretold -



    De dueil mourra l'infelix proflig‚,
    Celebrera son vitrix l'hecatombe:
    Pristine loy, franc edit redig‚,
    Le mur & Prince au septiesme iour tombe.

    The unhappy abandoned one will die of grief,
    His conqueress will celebrate the hecatomb:
    Pristine law, free edict drawn up,
    The wall and the Prince falls on the seventh day.

    ~ Nostradamus

    That's right. The great French seer looked
    into his bowl of soup (or whatever it was he
    was drinking) and wrote down his vision of
    Future America.

    First Lady and widow Melania Trump runs as
    third party candidate against acting President
    Mike Pence in the White House in November of
    next year. This newly-formed independent
    party will be the most popular party in the
    history of the USA, with Melania being the
    hottest babe on this planet.

    Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and all
    those other prima donnas will be sooo jealous ...


    I Take A Sheet In The Pool

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