• Red Wave Fn Liars

    From Aaron Thomas@1:275/99 to All on Monday, November 14, 2022 04:11:24
    Mark Levin says "I wasn't quick to get on this red wave bandwagon.."

    Is he telling the truth? (He usually does!) I can't recall exactly which "conservative" radio/tv personalities encouraged us all to believe that there would be a "red wave," but I remember being highly suspicious of their intentions when they said those thing. (They wanted to make conservatives not sweat it if they didn't make it to the polls on election day.)

    Fox News lost my trust years ago, but I still look up to some of these guys like Levin & Bongino. I didn't hear Dan Bongino making "red wave claims," but did Mark Levin ever say it?

    Sean Hannity is the 3rd amigo. Did he say we were gonna have a "red wave?"

    My memory doesn't serve me well but for future reference, guys, help me pinpoint some of these 'red wave Fn liars!'

    Fox News polls were Fn liars. They've been "predicting a red wave" this whole time. I didn't believe those Fn liars from the get go. But tell me that at least our pal Dan wasn't one of em? Or Mark?

    (Sean knows how to speak our talking points alright but the watchdog inside me says that I need to growl at that F'n liar.)

    Mike: If you're reading all this, sorry! When I think about all the effects of the media's dishonesty (as a whole) I "swear" it's just absolutely time for some abbreviated potty mouth talk ;)

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