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    From Aaron Thomas@1:275/99 to All on Wednesday, January 04, 2023 01:40:36
    Unlike leftists, I'm a guy who scrutinizes members of my political party. When I heard the news about the votes for house speaker, I began to wonder "is
    there something wrong with Mccarthy?" and "Who are the ones who voted against him?"

    I finally got the list from foxnews.com, and just as I suspected: it's some of the rino-ish ones who are voting against Mccarthy. Weird, flambouyant Republicans like Boebert, Gaetz, and Donalds. I trust those goofballs to vote on bills conservatively, but I don't trust their antics in this.

    So after seeing those quirky people in the list, I'm confident that I want McCarthy to lead. But can we count on him to save America? To even try? Is he gonna take house votes on burning issues like this?

    * Covid origins (we need an investigation for what it's worth!)
    * Hunter's laptop/Joe's corruption ("the big guy?")
    * Empowerment of the Taliban ("Go ahead and kill those we saved.")
    * Weaponization of the FBI ("Censor posts that go against media narrative.") * Abuse of power by Adam Schiff ("Ban specific American citizens for me.")

    Part 2 of this house speaker mystery will take place after we see (or don't see) such actions from the new speaker.

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