• Private Luncheon

    From Aaron Thomas@1:275/99 to All on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 16:06:19
    Democrat supporters: How can you trust your US senators to have a "private luncheon with CEOs" at the WEC? Don't you see the opportunity this presents for "big hold outs" like Sinema & Manchin? Those sleazeballs are holding private discussions with CEOs about how they plan to control our money!

    I don't stand for it. I don't trust Brian Kemp anymore (Republican governor of Georgia) because he's there finding out what's in it for hiself also.

    So Democrat buddies, keep your eye on the ball. Tell us what these lousy senators have to say for themselves when they return from their sleepover with Oprah. If these undemocratic, "private meetings with CEOs" don't immediately produce positive results for the American people, then won't you condemn those involved 100% just like I do with Brian Kemp?

    Or will you just brush it off as "I don't care that much about politics?"

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