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    From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to ALL on Sunday, March 05, 2023 09:51:00
    Fidonet POLITICS Echo Policies
    Updated 25 July 2021

    Moderator: Mike Powell (1:2320/105)

    POLITICS is for the discussion and debate of topical political discussions, primarily involving an American point of view. Due to the nature of these discussions, emotions can and will run high. The following policies are in place to keep the peace in here as best as possible. Your participating in this echo implies implicit agreement to abiding by these policies.

    # Real names are required to be used in this echo. No aliases. If
    your BBS software will not allow you to toggle between real name and
    alias in the message header, sign your messages with your real name.

    # There is no such thing as "free speech" in this echo. You can speak your
    mind within reason but the moderator reserves the right to stop and
    immediately correct boorish behavior. We're all adults; let's act like
    it. There are other political, "free speech" echos on Fidonet.

    # Keep your temper in check.

    # Please keep the swearing to a minumum. It can lead to tempers which are
    not kept in check. The moderator reserves the right to stop and immediately
    correct those who make this a habit. We're all adults; let's act like it.
    If you cannot express your views without swearing, please find another
    "free speech" political arena to express them in.

    # Please do not discuss illegal topics in this echo.

    # Agree to disagree. "Discretion is the better part of valor" -- William

    # Resist logical fallacies. Don't know what a logical fallacy is? The
    website logicalfallicies.info is a great place to check. We all fall
    victim to logical fallacies but don't fall for them all the time.

    # PUSU ("put up or shut up"; basically show proof of the facts you're using
    to backup your argument) is in force here. However, in this day and age
    of the Internet and the World Wide Web, fact-checking can be done at any
    time by anyone.

    # You can discuss religion in here but no proselytizing (see the next

    # No personal attacks against one's person, their family, or their beliefs.
    This goes with the policy above.

    # Have a sense of humor. It's amazing how a little humor will go a long

    # Posting of news/political articles in the echo are allowed provided that
    the source is properly credited and the text is corrected to pure ASCII
    (no high ASCII nor gobblygook caused by weird codepages in use by
    Microsoft products). Conversion to CP437 is appreciated.

    # All messages must be in English.

    # No blatently off-topic posts, such as BBS ads, "test" messages, network
    politics, et cetera.

    # Please don't gate this echo to USENET, a mailing list, another BBS
    mail network, an online Fidonet mail archive, or anything else
    without the moderator's express and written permission.

    # This echo does not recognize any local or regional echomail policies
    such as EP1. This echo originates in Zone 1 and follows Zone 1 policies
    concerning the "echolist".

    # The moderator is the sole person authorized to correct off-topic behavior
    publically in the echo. You are encouraged to contact the moderator via
    netmail (preferred) or email privately first.

    # Any moderator action is OFF-TOPIC for public discussion in the echo. If
    you have a problem with a moderator action, please contact him privately.
    PUBLICLY. IF YOU CANNOT FOLLOW THIS RULE, please do not participate here.

    # The moderator wishes to do as little moderation as possible in here so
    please behave yourself and act accordingly.

    # This is a living document and is subject to change when need be.

    # This document will be posted near the 1st of each month and
    when needed.

    # Please don't hesitate to contact the moderator with any questions in

    Thank you for your participation in POLITICS!

    NOTE for SYSOPS: There is a more moderated option available. Please contact
    the moderator for details.

    -- Mike Powell
    POLITICS Moderator

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