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    'Please Note Some Of These Photos...': Wesley Hunt Points Out Antifa Threat...

    SOURCE: Forbes


    Wesley Hunt (R-TX) points out the hypocrasy of going after concerned parents who have not made any specific threats vs. not going after Antifa for various violent outbusts since 2020.

    One photo of interest shows a violent protest just outside of the White
    House. Remember, in past and right in this echo, people protested the comparison of 2020 protests to January 6 because "none of them happened at Federal premises." Nevermind, of course, that another one of the photos
    was taken at a multi-day violent protest right outside a Federal building
    in the Pacific Northwest and involved persons trying to break through a
    barrier in order to gain access (without permission) to the building.

    The other excuse given was that "yeah, ok, they did attact federal
    facilities but were not successful," but, last I checked, the electoral
    votes got counted which would put January 6 also in the "unsuccessful" category. Meanwhile, the Bad Orange Man is not President, so I would
    question the lack of success of the 2020 protests.

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