• Who funds Antifa protests

    From Mike Powell@1:2320/105 to All on Monday, March 27, 2023 14:40:00
    Who funds Antifa protests? We all do

    "Last week, the city of Philadelphia agreed to pay $9.25 million to 343 left-wing protesters who alleged they suffered 'physical and emotional injuries' when police used tear gas and pepper spray to clear them off a
    major highway in downtown at a Black Lives Matter-style direct action in 2020.

    "Videos recorded at the time showed the mob shut down the highway while vandalizing public property. [...]

    "Soros funds groups that form part of the support apparatus of left-wing militants -- district attorneys, biased media and legal groups.

    "But his money doesn't directly reach the pockets of militants on the street.

    "Who ends up paying far-left rioters like Antifa? Too often, taxpayers like you and me. [...] [L]awfare against cities and police departments is the
    go-to method" for making money for the group.

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    Who funds Antifa protests? We all do

    And if you follow the money, which Antifa will stop you from doing, I'll bet that a big chunk of that money ends up in the pockets of the Elitists.

    This is all a big money laundering scheme.

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