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    In theory, the election of public officials is the best way to govern.
    In practice, however, it isn't.

    The reason that elections are no longer the best method of selecting
    public officials is that elections can be (and usually are) rigged.
    The late Josef Stalin reportedly once commented: "It's not who votes
    that counts, it's who counts the votes." Over the past twenty years in
    the United State there have been myriad occurrences of election fraud;
    years ago one precinct reported over 300 votes cast on election day,
    but then the ballot box was opened later there were only fifty ballots
    in it. Unfortunately that was not an isolated occurrence, many
    precincts have reported more votes cast than people who actually voted.

    Another problem with elections in this country is voter suppression.
    Some suppression is done by local officials, but in my view a bigger
    problem is people who hang around polling places for the purpose of intimidating voters.

    Yet another problem with elections in this country is the fact that politicians literally buy peoples' votes by promising them all sorts
    of "free" government "benefits." Many people will reliably vote for
    things they think someone else will have to pay for - and for
    candidates who will promise them those things. Unfortunately
    those "free" government "benefits" have literally bankrupted this
    country's government; the government's funded and unfunded liabilities
    far exceed the value of its assets and any reasonable estimate of its
    future revenue - and that's a pretty good definition of bankruptcy. It
    should also be noted that the government is currently overspending its
    income by more than a trillion dollars a year.

    Some people, particularly but not exclusively those of the leftist
    persuasion, refuse to accept the results of elections and take to the
    streets in protests of election results they don't like - that sort of
    thing used to be called a riot but today it has become a legitimate
    form of political expression. That's one thing I've noted about the
    political left wing in this country - they're all for elections - until
    they lose one, the presidential election of 2016 being a case in point.

    If elections are no longer the best method of selecting public
    officials, how should we do it? My personal preference is to eliminate elections entirely and adopt a random selection process that selectes
    citizens from within the jurisdiction of the office to serve in the
    position for one and only one term of office. This would eliminate
    elected office as a full-time career, eliminate the bribery
    of "campaign contributions," eliminate the endless campaigning for
    office, eliminate legislation designed to put and/or keep politicians
    in office, and destroy the power of the political parties. None of
    those is a bad idea in my opinion. It might also cause students to pay
    a bit more attention in history, civics and government classes.
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