• San Francisco Rrhea

    From aaron thomas@1:123/525 to All on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 23:22:19
    California seems to be the most liberal state in the USA, with San Francisco being possibly the most liberal city in the USA. It's now legal to pee in public.

    If you live outside of San Francisco, in some other part of the USA, are you
    ok with seeing a bunch of homeless penises as you take a family walk in the park?

    I guess I could get over all the urine-soaked sidewalks and un-nested birds, but what about the legalization of dumping buckets of diarrhea on people?
    This new trend is building steam in Los Angeles.

    The more liberal a person becomes, the more accepting they are of other people's differences, and of their feces. While conservatives in Ohio prefer
    a handshake or a friendly "hello," liberals in Los Angeles are frolicking in homeless dung.

    I keep an open mind about liberal politics. I think Republicans ought to
    devote a little more time to stuff like global warming and discrimination,
    but I wouldn't like it if my mayor gave people the right to throw shit at me.

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