• NetSerial and PXWin

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    Ruben Figueroa wrote in a message to All:

    I have the document about setting up NetSerial and PXWin. Straight forward on PXWin setup. Have to read docs on NetSerial setup. My question is will NetSerial connect with other mailers like Irex,
    binkp etc. for the exchange of echo mail and netmail? I currently
    have Irex configured to receive and send echo/net mail for my
    Wildcat bbs. So was wondering if NetSerial can allow connections
    from other internet mailers.

    No, it's telnet only. And if you are using the PDF version, then you are probably using my documentation. However, please note that PX/WINS has some issues with NetSerial (ie PXOnline.exe tends to crash it), so I would recommend against going that route until Mike Ehlert fixes that.

    However, I do offer FTN transfers via telnet from this system as I have FrontDoor/2 answering the telnet calls (on top of VMODEM <smiles>).


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