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    The web interface or the telnet interface?

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    Subject: [WINServer] Login


    Can anyone advise how the login system on the winserver.com and
    santronics.com web site works as I have been attempting to mimic the same
    style of login but appear to be unable to do so.



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    On 11/26/2018 3:12 PM, David King wrote:> Hi

    Can anyone advise how the login system on the winserver.com and santronics.com web site works as I have been attempting to mimic the
    same style of login but appear to be unable to do so.



    Start with the STOCK installation of http\ files.

    It is a long evolved history for the "Web Authentication" system. It
    was once optional and it began with an zip file that was distributed
    via the AUP and CD but it was optionally installed.


    But today, it is automatically unzipped. If you say NO to the
    AutoUpdate "Upgrade Web Authentication?" question, I think the zip is
    placed in your wildcat folder.

    It is still is documented in the AUP.CHM "Web Authentication" section
    as if this file exist for manually installation and it has the old
    listing of files that were in the zip. The current files are in the
    zip are:

    2905 05-29-12 03:54 http/errors/errors.wct
    772 12-25-08 12:45 http/errors/NoClientAccess.wct
    473 09-24-08 22:15 http/errors/NotFound.wct
    600 07-12-02 07:34 http/errors/NotValidated.htm
    2415 03-02-07 15:25 http/errors/NotValidated.wct
    1802 01-07-08 09:28 http/errors/passwordchange.wct
    3922 06-11-12 04:14 http/errors/readme_errors.txt
    208 07-12-02 05:27 http/errors/SignupDupeAccount.htm
    1580 01-17-09 07:40 http/errors/UserNotLoggedIn.wct
    144 06-11-12 04:14 http/errors/verinfo.dat
    1705 05-18-12 07:15 http/public/AccountCreated.wct
    1421 09-26-06 07:49 http/public/CookiesHelp.htm
    650 01-08-10 17:06 http/public/forgotpassword.wct
    1371 10-16-09 01:55 http/public/login.wct
    983 12-07-09 10:43 http/public/logout.wct
    967 05-20-12 02:00 http/public/newuser.wct
    195 06-11-12 07:53 http/public/verinfo.dat
    1293 04-26-05 11:44 http/public/warning-no-cookie.wct

    WCWEB now required its file and templates in order to work properly,
    so its no longer optional. By 454.3 update it was auto unzip, see the
    upgrade information.


    The help is still valid for the remaining details. It needs to be
    updated to say the files are already installed.


    Once you have all the stock files in place, you can now go to:

    WCCONFIG | WEB Server | Authentication options

    and select how you want the user to login:

    Do you want the user to get the browser to POPUP a login box?
    Browsers will do this for BASIC or DIGEST Authentication because it is
    built into the browser.

    Do you want the user to get a LOGIN form on the browser page? This
    is not built into the browser, so wcWEB will create the display for Cookie-based or WcNavigator authentication.

    We designed and spent of lot of time, testing it when all methods are
    checked because if the user does not allow javascript, then
    cookie-based login will not work. So we attempted to be smart to do
    the method that matches the user and his browser. If the user has no javascript for security reasons, he will see BUTTONS to start
    BASIC/DIGEST, otherwise he sees the login form.

    It works 90% of the time. So my recommendation is to choose two and
    what you are requesting, choose the following:

    [X] Allow WcNavigator Web Login Challenge
    [X] Allow Cookie-based Authentication

    Now play with the login. You will see a login form similar to that
    you see at winserver.com, but without the image. That requires
    understanding how to use one of the example "PrintLoginForms" examples.

    You can read the AUP.CHM sections, in particular the example login forms.

    Web Authentication
    Requirements and Setup
    Using Cookie Authentication http://www.winserver.com/public/aup/WebAuthCookies.htm
    Authentication URLs
    Authentication Templates http://www.winserver.com/public/aup/WebAuthTemplates.htm
    Example Login Forms http://www.winserver.com/public/aup/example-printloginforms.htm
    Authentication Tips

    There are three zip files in the AUP.CHM that you can download, see
    he example login forms page:


    Download the zips from withing the AUP.CHM in the example section.
    The wcCrossLogin and html-xdl zips are the one used by santronics.com
    to do a cross domain login to winserver.com. I am not going to go
    into detail about this now. Too complex because you have to make
    detail changes to your existing pages where you want to place a
    "little login box" to do a cross domain login. But I will explain the
    more simpler PrintLoginForm system:

    PrintLoginForms.zip contains:

    C:\wcat>unzip -l printloginforms.zip
    Archive: printloginforms.zip
    Length Date Time Name
    ------ ---- ---- ----
    157 09-23-06 19:05 http/public/graphics/bar-bgtile.gif
    452 09-23-06 18:51 http/public/graphics/bar-but_login.gif
    11322 09-23-06 18:50 http/public/graphics/bar-globe.gif
    1313 05-13-06 01:44 http/public/graphics/bg-gradient.jpg
    336138 09-28-06 04:57 http/public/graphics/Forest2test.png
    6883 08-22-07 12:16 http/public/printloginform-box.wct
    7166 10-06-06 02:40 http/public/printloginform-navcb.wct
    2023 10-06-06 02:35 http/public/printloginform-topbar.wct
    3067 02-24-09 06:25 http/public/printloginform-topbarcat.wct
    1580 02-23-09 16:54 http/public/PrintLoginForm-ajax.wct
    332 02-22-09 10:47
    975 02-22-09 10:36
    521 02-22-09 10:58
    8108 02-23-09 02:50 http/public/printloginform-google-like.wct
    5124 02-22-09 12:14 http/public/PrintLoginForm-nav.wct
    1465 02-22-09 10:02 http/public/printloginform-splash.wct
    2994 02-24-09 06:58 http/public/printloginform.wct
    ------ -------
    389620 17

    The one used at winserver.com is printloginform-splash.wct.

    Read this file for instructions. But I see a typo in it. Here is the corrected one:

    @COMMENT@ **************************************************************************

    File : printloginform-splash.wct
    Date : 11/26/2018
    Version: v7.0.454.6

    This is a special replacement custom login form that illustrates how
    to add a splash window to th cookie-base login form..

    To use, set following line is set in the
    "http\template\custom\LoginOptionsCustom.inc" file:

    @set Login.CustomForm="wc:\http\public\printloginform-splash.wct"@

    ************************************************************************** @ENDCOMMENT@

    <script language="JavaScript">


    wcLoginOptions.SplashWindow.enable = true;
    wcLoginOptions.SplashWindow.src = "/public/graphics/wcLogoTop.bmp";

    if (CheckForCookies()) {
    } else {

    @//@ Drag Window Display
    @//@ Set IF condition to TRUE to enable window dragging @//@----------------------------------------------------------------------

    @IF FALSE@
    <script type='text/javascript' src='/public/js/dom-drag.js'></script>
    var loginBox = document.getElementById("loginTable");
    var TitleBar = document.getElementById("loginTitleBar");
    if (loginBox && TitleBar) {
    loginBox.style.position = "relative";
    Drag.init(TitleBar, loginBox);

    But for me, I placed "printloginform-splash.wct" in the
    http\template\custom\ folder, and for the "http\template\custom\LoginOptionsCustom.inc" file, I set
    Login.CustomForm to:

    @set Login.CustomForm="wc:\http\template\printloginform-splash.wct"@

    Thats it for winserver.com setup.

    Have fun!

    Hector, Engineering & Technical Support
    Santronics Software, Inc.
    http://www.santronics.com (sales)
    http://www.winserver.com (support)
    http://www.winserver.com/AupInfo (Online AUP Help)
    Office: 305-248-3204

    fn:Hector Santos

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