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    I just created this to explore the different example prints login
    forms available on our setup:


    You can select the "PrintLoginForm" to change the login form and it
    will stick with you (based on your IP address), so you won't affect
    anyone else.

    Check it out!!

    PrintLoginForms are described in the AUP.CHM under "Web Authentication
    | Example Login Forms"

    Note, this web site requires SSL, but I didn't get a cert for it. So
    just proceed with the connection.

    Hector, Engineering & Technical Support
    Santronics Software, Inc.
    http://www.santronics.com (sales)
    http://www.winserver.com (support)
    http://www.winserver.com/AupInfo (Online AUP Help)
    Office: 305-248-3204

    fn:Hector Santos

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