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    Wow, this worked really well and a number of you guys tried it out!! :)

    Testing with my iPhone with the Sarafi browser, I found that the printloginform-topbarcat with the top bar for login and the full
    screen cat eyes in tall grass image, did not show the Select Login
    form pulldown. It was in the background. So I will have to adjust
    the CSS for Safari, but this will give us a start for a
    PrintLoginForm-MOBILE tamplate for login purposes!!

    That was the original idea behind doing all this with the then new
    "WcWeb Authentication" programming system back in 2006. The idea was
    not such much to get users the ability to change the login form, but
    to give the sysop, operator something they can set when
    installing/setting up their wildcat! system.

    I am going to update the PrintLoginForm.zip, make such adjustments.
    The current zip puts the PrintLoginForm-*.wct files in the
    http\public\* folder. It doesn't have to be there. It can actually
    be in a private folder because it is a server-side include. So that
    will be part of the adjustements.

    For the test at the aws2.winserver.com, in case, you want to explore
    this on your end, what I did was as follows:

    1) Download the printloginforms.zip from the AUP.CHM in the "Web Authentication | Example Login Forms" section. Assuming you put the
    zip into your wildcat folder, unzip it like this:

    unzip -j printloginforms.zip http\public\printlogin*.* -d http\template\custom
    unzip -j printloginforms.zip http\public\graphics\* -d http\public\graphics

    The printloginform*.* files are now in your http\template\custom
    folder and the graphic files in the http\public\graphics folder.

    2) Create/edit the http\template\custom\LoginOptionsCustom.inc file

    Create/Edit this file and for the login form you want to use, set the Login.CustomForm variable, for example, to use the login form with the
    splash image like at winserver.com, do this:

    @set Login.CustomForm="wc:\http\template\printloginform-splash.wct"@

    You might be thinking, if the printloginform-*.wcts are in the custom
    folder, why not set it like this:


    yes, you could do that, but because of the way wcWeb works with the "http\template" folder, you can also set it both ways and wcWeb will
    still find it. The reason is because, its possible in the future we
    can have a stock printloginform-*.wct in the http\template in the
    future. This was the original idea, but it was left as an option for
    sysops to explore and do themselves. I think we might just do this
    with a new option to change it using a LoginOptionCustom.Inc override.

    3) Go to wcConfig | Web Server | Authentication Options | and set:

    [X] Allow WcNavigator Web Login Challenge
    [X] Allow Cookie-based Authentication

    I would turn off:

    [_] Allow Basic
    [_] Allow Digest

    The only reason to keep them all on, is when you have users who don't
    use JavaScript. Well, back in 2006 when this was all done, to try to
    be SMART for Browser Login Popups windows and Form-based logins, it
    worked really really well, but was inconsistent when a
    non-authenticated URL came in for a private authenticated resource,
    like going directly to Who's online or to your inbox, etc, where
    Wildcat! has to log the user in first. What happen is that users got
    both Popups and Login forms. It was a chicken and egg situation, so,
    to make this story short (if that is possible with me <g>), just pick
    one or the other, html-based login forms (Cookie-based, WcNavigator)
    or Browser Popups (BASIC, DIGEST).

    That's it!! It should all work now.

    Finally, in the LoginOptionsCustom.inc files, if you trying different
    ones, you can just add another line to override the previous one:

    @set Login.CustomForm="wc:\http\template\printloginform-splash.wct"@
    @set Login.CustomForm="wc:\http\template\printloginform-topbarcat.wct"@
    @set Login.CustomForm="wc:\http\template\printloginform-nav.wct"@

    WcWeb will use the last one set.

    On 11/26/2018 10:15 PM, Hector Santos wrote:
    I just created this to explore the different example prints login
    forms available on our setup:


    You can select the "PrintLoginForm" to change the login form and it
    will stick with you (based on your IP address), so you won't affect
    anyone else.

    Check it out!!

    PrintLoginForms are described in the AUP.CHM under "Web Authentication
    | Example Login Forms"

    Note, this web site requires SSL, but I didn't get a cert for it. So
    just proceed with the connection.

    Hector, Engineering & Technical Support
    Santronics Software, Inc.
    http://www.santronics.com (sales)
    http://www.winserver.com (support)
    http://www.winserver.com/AupInfo (Online AUP Help)
    Office: 305-248-3204

    fn:Hector Santos

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