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    I just finished moving a working installation of WC! 4.2SL from WinXP (where

    was running perfectly using MS Virtual PC), over to Win 7 Pro using Oracle's BR>Virtual Box VM software (MS VPC is not fully supported under Win 7).

    NOW, all WC! does on start-up is display "Carrier Detected, Dropping DTR", the
    modem lights (USR Courier VE) flash around some then WC! gives up and exits.

    Anyone have any idea what is going on? I've exhausted my efforts to BR>re-configure things to WC!'s liking! Also, at NO time does the CD light come

    (worked fine the other day) and the CD Override DIP switch is Off as expected.
    Init option &C1 has no affect either. The COM1 port and modem settings are all
    in sync, 115200 Baud, 8,N,1 with Hardware handshaking (CTS/RTS). Google has BR>turned up nada on the situation.

    Did you install the tools as well as the extension pack?
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