• BRE PXWin and Irex

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    Long story short, I hope, all was working well until I had to change to a new computer.

    Now I can receive bre packets from my hub (carol 169:1/107) but only if I do an Alt-F to fetch them. Otherwise they just collect on her hard drive.

    Next issue is no outgoing packets are going, nothing in queue. I do have configured in Nodes for outbound to her system to put files in folder \mail\nodes\1691107

    the packet is there, but obviously I have something wrong. Does someone have a document that details a setup with pxwin and bre and irex?

    Try setting up an internal timed event and specify '-S -F' (without the quotes) which does a send and then receive, running the BETWEEN.BAT/.CMD file if any mail is received.

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