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    I couldn't find TMessageHeader, but I did find TMsgHeader.

    I do hope this is a help.

    The TMsgHeader structure describes a message in the message database.

    typedef struct tagTMsgHeader {
    DWORD Status;
    DWORD Conference;
    DWORD Id;
    DWORD Number;
    TUserInfo From;
    TUserInfo To;
    char Subject[SIZE_MESSAGE_SUBJECT];
    FILETIME PostedTimeGMT;
    FILETIME MsgTime;
    FILETIME ReadTime;
    BOOL Private;
    BOOL Received;
    BOOL ReceiptRequested;
    BOOL Deleted;
    BOOL Tagged;
    DWORD Reference;
    DWORD ReplyCount;
    TFidoAddress FidoFrom;
    TFidoAddress FidoTo;
    DWORD FidoFlags;
    DWORD MsgSize;
    DWORD PrevUnread;
    DWORD NextUnread;
    char Network[SIZE_MESSAGE_NETWORK];
    char Attachment[SIZE_FILE_NAME];
    BOOL AllowDisplayMacros;
    DWORD AddedByUserId;
    BYTE Reserved[128];
    } TMsgHeader;

    Status This is a status field that is used internally by the server
    database manager. This field should never be modified by an application program.
    Conference Specifies the conference in which this message appears.
    Id Specifies the message id.
    Number Specifies the message number.
    From Identifies the user this message is from.
    To Identifies the user this message is to.
    Subject Specifies the message subject.
    PostedTimeGMT Specifies the time, in Greenwich Mean Time (UTC), that this message was added to the database.
    MsgTime Specifies the time that this message was written.
    ReadTime Specifies the time that this message was read by its recipient. Private Specifies that the message is private.
    Received Specifies that the message has been received by its recipient. ReceiptRequested Specifies that a return receipt has been requested by the sender.
    Deleted Specifies that the message has been deleted. This field will never
    be TRUE in a message retrieved from the server.
    Tagged Specifies that the message has been tagged. This is used by some echo mail schemes.
    Reference Specifies the message id of the message that this is in reply to. ReplyCount Specifies the number of times this message has been replied to. FidoFrom Specifies the originating Fido address.
    FidoTo Specifies the destination Fido address.
    FidoFlags Specifies the Fido flags. Contents are application-defined.
    MsgSize Specifies the number of bytes in the message body.
    PrevUnread Specifies the message id of the previous unread message in the
    same user's unread chain.
    NextUnread Specifies the message id of the next unread message in the same user's unread chain.
    Network Specifies the originating network of this message.
    Attachment Specifies the name of the file attached to this message. AllowDisplayMacros Specifies whether display macros should be expanded in
    the message body.
    AddedByUserId Specifies the user id that added this message to the database..

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    Hi all!

    Working on FidoCat again tonight and was wondering if anyone knew what
    the field names for the internal wcCODE data type TMessageHeader
    happened to be and if so, could you post them here?

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