• Re: Synchronet internal editor always abort messages

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    Re: Synchronet internal editor always abort messages
    By: Karloch to All on Sun Jan 27 2019 11:06 pm

    Hi all,

    A user of my BBS has reported me something curious that I have been able to reproduce: if I choose to use the internal BBS editor and post a message anywhere, after using /S to save and publish the message, it gets aborted instead, so it is the same as using /ABT.

    No errors are reported to the log, so I think it is a graceful abort. The others internal editor commands works well (such as /L).

    If I use an external editor, everything works perfectly, so it is something that only happens with the internal one.

    Any clue where to look for?

    It's a bug in v3.17b that's already been fixed and available in v3.17c.

    digital man

    Somehow I thought this message thread was referring to FSEditor and thought was the built in editor ... sorry for my confusion :)

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