• SBBS Address Book Released

    From Nelgin@1:103/705 to all on Monday, June 01, 2020 16:36:38
    Greetings fellow Sysops.

    Some time ago I came across the Smeg@ Address Book. While it was good, it lacked some more modern features, needed some fixes, and was impossible to change due to being written in Baja.

    Using the decompiler, I was able to get it back to source and used it as a base to create a new SBBS Address Book that works with SBBS 3.18 (and possibly lower versions).

    Additionally, if you're already using the Smeg@ address book, it will use the same files for compatability. This explains creating files in odd places.

    Download the install file from http://endofthelinebbs.com/addressbook.zip

    Create /sbbs/xtrn/addressbook (\sbbs\xtrn\addressbook for windows users)

    unzip the file and rea the readme.now file. You'll need to create an additional directory plus make a change to your menu. It's all explained but feel free to contact me if you get stuck.

    I'm always open to suggestions, feedback, patches, bug fixes and the like.

    As mentioned in the documentation, the only guarantee I make is that it works for me, but it should work for you too.

    Some features include:
    Sending email by local username or number, netmail, QWK, or internet email from one place.
    Uses QWK users.dat to produce a global QWK address book
    Uses nodelists as configured in echocfg to produce NetMail address books
    Each user can have upto 99 entries
    Sysop can globally turn on/off each of the types of mail that can be sent Allows attachments for those protocols that support it
    History of last 10 addresses used for manual entry
    ...plus more!

    If you want to see how it works before using, head on over the End Of The Line BBS and hit open E for Email, then S to Send.

    endofthelinebbs.com telnet, ssh, or rlogin.

    Nigel (nelgin)

    Synchronet End Of The Line BBS - endofthelinebbs.com
    * Origin: Vertrauen - [vert/cvs/bbs].synchro.net (1:103/705)