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    Hello Everyone.

    I have come across something peculiar. I'm using Version 3.19b.

    I have fido setup to use th default port of 24554 which works as intended.

    I have setup FSXnet (My hub is 21:1/100) which I have to use port 24556 (I was told that it uses BinkP Port of 24554 But that isn't accurate). I get a real strange error message.

    Now, FSXnet works fine using that port (24556) but if I send a Netmail to say (example only) 21:7/123 Binkp uses port 24554, and will not use port 24556 even though that is the port in my domain settings for FSXnet.

    How here is the strange part (at least for me).

    If I now poll my FSXnet Hub (21:1/100) it uses port 24554 even though in my FSXnet domain settings I have it set to 24556. I have shutdown the Synchronet BBS software, restarted my system, started it back up, and it is now still using port 24554 not 24556.

    If I go into my settings it still says port is bound to FSXnet 24556 but isn't using it.

    I don't know if I'm explaining this properly here. I'm sure I have confused everyone who has read this but I'm at a loss.

    Any help will be appreciated on how to fix this.

    Cheers, and take care everyone.
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