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    Hello Urban,

    On 21 Aug 14 10:02, Urban Nightmre wrote to All:

    Hello all. I run MBSE on SolydK Linux (Debian variant). It
    works great for the most part and only took a little hacking to
    get door games working. But I'm having a problem with Operation
    Overkill II. It just doesn't seem to like DOSemu. Anybody else
    run this door?

    I don't think dosemu is the problem. I run it here just fine in dosemu
    I believe. Are you running ooinfo as well as maintoo?

    Also some games seem to need a patch as the processor is to fast
    and with out the patch will give a divide by zero error. Is this
    still the norm or is there a way to slow DOSemu down enough that
    you don't need to patch?

    Another decision under dos is resident prog - unzero.com. It hooks zero divide error in real time. If You need it ask me in netmail.

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