• CanPCGetMalwareB4Log-IN?

    From Ed Vance@1:2320/105 to All on Thursday, April 02, 2020 12:56:00

    My Question is:

    Could a Windows PC get Malware between the time the Power Button is Pressed
    and the time the Sign On Screen appears to Log On to a Limited Users Account?

    On Newer computers it is called a Standard Users Account.

    Here is what I do when I want to use my XP computer:

    I turn the DSL Modem on and wait for the LED's on it to stop flashing
    and all become Green before I turn on a switch to send A.C. to a Linksys BEFSX41 Router.

    After the Router LED's finish blinking while it is being Set Up, after
    about 30 Seconds the Three WAN LED's turn off for about a Second and all
    come back on.

    When the Router LED's have settled down I press the buttons to turn on my Monitor and External SyQuest EZ-Flyer230 Hard Drive.

    After the SyQuest Drive LED's stop blinking I press the Power Button on the
    XP computer and look at the Monitor as the computer starts up, either from being hibernated the night before or as a Cold BOOT start up.

    Before the Sign On window comes on the screen I see lots of activity on
    the DSL Modem and Router LED's.

    When I got this XP pc I was told to create a Limited Users Account and to
    use it instead of the default Admin Account the Manufacturer had on thie pc.

    I was told that would help stop Virus/Malware getting in the computer.

    So I did that.

    Before I Log Into the Limited Users Account could Malware get in?
    Thanks very much!

    Ed W9ODR . .

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  • From Tommi Koivula@2:221/1.1 to Ed Vance on Sunday, April 05, 2020 12:39:56
    Hi Ed.

    02 Apr 20 12:56:00, you wrote to All:

    my XP computer:


    Before I Log Into the Limited Users Account could Malware get in?



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